CSS Foster Care Program

CSS Foster Care Program

Christian Salvation Service cooperates with Taipei City Government to recruit, train and prepare qualified foster families. Children who for different reasons such as being abandoned or subjected to violence or family crisis, needing foster families to ensure they can be cared in a safe and caring environment until further plan can be confirmed for them to grow and reach their full potential.
CSS holds information meetings regularly for families who are interested in joining the foster care program, all information of application procedures and pre-preparation matters are given and made available to the attendees.  In the meeting, we often found that the people who came to learn more about foster care were not only children lovers but also with great commitment to society.  We can feel their enthusiasm and dedication to support children’s well-being and believe that most of them would become the right caregivers to provide quality care for foster children in the future.
The following is the application procedure for foster family candidate in Taiwan. Those who are interested in foster care services are very welcome to join.  
Step 1: Attend Orientation and Complete Application
Step 2: Complete Background Checks
Step 3: Attend Pre-Approval Foster Care Training
Step 4: Complete Home Environment Assessment
Step 5: Complete Family Evaluation
Step 6: Approval and Placement


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