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1983 - Unwed Home and Baby Nursery Hualien, CSS Office Taipei.
1983 - 花蓮未婚媽媽之家及台北辦公室成立。

CSS 1983

1985 - Unwed Home moved to another location in Hualien.
 - 花蓮未婚媽媽之家遷移新址。

CSS 1985

1985 - The Baby Nursery is moved to Taipei suburbs of Tien Mou.
1985 - 救世會嬰兒室遷移至台北市近郊。

CSS 1985

1986 - Unwed Home and Women’s Shelter moved to Taipei.
1986 - 未婚媽媽之家暨婦女庇護所遷移至台北市。

CSS 1986

1988 - 1991 Unwed Home and Shelter moved to new location in Taipei.
1991 未婚媽媽之家暨婦女庇護所遷移至台北市新址。

CSS 1988 - 1991

1993 - 1998  Nursery moved to new location in Taipei.
 - 1998  嬰兒室遷移至台北市近郊新址。

CSS 1993 - 1998

2005 - 2020  Mu-En Halfway House.
2005 - 2020  臺北市兒少安置及教養機構—牧恩中途之家(安置對象0~2歲之棄嬰及棄兒)

Our goal and purpose is to give assistance to the little ones when they need a place to find care. They may be born with defects such as missing limbs, gastrointestinal problems, chromosome anomalies, imperferated anus, vision impairment or even blindness. With proper medical care and early intervention of physical therapy, stimulating surroundings, and lots of loving care, they can reach their full potential. 
Thankfully, with the health insurance now available in Taiwan basic medical treatment is widely available. However, with many more children now being saved by early treatment there are large numbers of infants who are not wanted by their families when disabilities or long term treatments are required. Many families or single mothers simply can not provide the special care these babies need to continue to live and develop. These babies are unable to be kept long term in hospitals. However, they still need special care due to their inability to get by without such extra measures as tube feeding, oxygen treatments, colostomy care, medication, physical therapy and an increased level of physical and mental stimulus geared to their particular special need.

2013 - CSS Education and Resource Center opened in Taipei. 

CSS 2013

2021 - Government Tendered Projects:Foster Care Training & Recruitment Program.
2021 - 承辦臺北市政府社會局方案:兒童及少年寄養服務。

2021 - Government Tendered Projects:Taipei City Neihu Women's Support and Empowerment Center.
2021 -  承辦接臺北市政府社會局方案:臺北市內湖婦女支持培力中心。

2023 - Government Tendered Projects:Taipei City Songshan Nangang Women's Support and Empowerment Center.
2023 -  承辦接臺北市政府社會局方案:臺北市松山南港婦女支持培力中心。


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