Younger Adoptive Children

To Our Younger Adoptive Children,
This short letter is in response to questions often asked by young people as they think about and try to understand their adoptions. We have developed a “roots” department to deal with specific questions but this is just some general information for you.

Christian Salvation Service was started in 1983 to help women and children. We help little babies who have medical problems, older children who don’t have anyone to take good care of them, and young women who are not married but going to have a baby.

There are many different situations that can cause people to need extra help to manage in their lives. Sometimes people make choices that cause them a lot of trouble or pain in their lives. When you are older you will see many examples of this kind of decision-making. Even now at your age you probably have been taught by you parents that what choices you make can have a big influence on what happens to you. You are still young so maybe it is hard for you to understand that people sometimes choose to do things that get them in so much trouble.

Our organization tries to help people depending on what they need. Some need counseling, and medical treatment, others a temporary place to stay and someone to care about their sadness. Some babies we help have very serious medical problems like missing arms or legs, blindness or developmental problems.

Sometimes we help young teenage girls who are having a baby. They are so young they don’t know how to be mothers yet. They have no family support, no job and should really stay in school and grow up before they have a family of their own.

In all cases where adoption is done there is counseling and help for the birth mothers and their families to decide what they should do considering the best interest of their baby/child. Each situation is different. If they choose adoption they are shown pictures and reports about the possible adoptive parents. They often choose the family from three or four of the families who have been waiting for a baby.

After you were with your new family, we received photos and follow-up reports from them. In the first year some birth moms do check back with CSS to see if their children are okay and to talk to the social workers more about their lives.  They are satisfied that they did the right thing and the best thing they could do. Sometimes there is contact with the birth mother for a long time, sometimes not much after the first few months. Each case is different. CSS is always here to provide help and guidance.

We would love to meet you again someday. You can write to us and send us pictures anytime. We love to hear from the precious children we have known over the years.  God gave us a special chance to help Him care for His “little ones.”
Best Wishes,
Christian Salvation Service

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