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Mu-En (Shepherd's Grace) Infant Care Facility
Mu-En, a beautiful modern facility is located in a quiet suburban community of Taipei. The state-of-the art nursery is licensed to provide care for 28 infants under two years of age. A professional nursing and licensed childcare staff is present 24 hours a day to care for the individual needs of each baby. The nursery is a wonderful temporary home for these precious children. Some of the infants have been abandoned or referred from local government agencies while others come directly from families who are unable to care for them due to various circumstances.
The nursery also provides care during an adoption process or while a family crisis is being resolved. Each year our loving staff provides over 245,000 hours of care to the young children in this facility. In addition to the staff, a group of community volunteers provides extra nurturing care as well as music programs and short outings.

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