Be a child
One year ago, CSS received a phone call wanting help, which started our journey with this little girl.
Besides providing counseling and supporting, CSS social workers’ another job responsibility is to do work like detective. We try every means to gather information and photos to picture a child’s family and life before coming to CSS. However, sometimes we just have to learn to leave it all to God’s hand as God has different plan.
When I saw this little girl and learned about her history, it made my heart ache. When I took her for outing, to see her try to move a big bicycle and to refuse any help also made my heart ache because it seemed that she wanted to prove she was an adult and did not need to rely on anyone. To take photos of her made me sad because I have no ability to get any photos of her before age of 2. Even so, everyone at CSS still believed that God would prepare a wonderful and suitable family for her.
This little girl now is with her forever family. She started to have a child’s innocent smile and to act like a child because she feels secure. The most important thing is that from her relaxed facial expression, I know she knows that she is loved no matter what, even though the first 2 years of her history information is still blank.
At this moment, I feel so happy and grateful that she acts as a little girl and tests as part of growing up process to find her autonomy, not because of survival mode.

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