27 years as a dedicated CSS caregiver

Young Ja, a dedicated CSS caregiver, has her good 27 years of life to CSS babies. Her status changed from being a "mom" to a "grandmother".

Each time when I visited Mu-En and saw her, we chatted for a very short period of time. But this time, when I was doing a tour, I saw a piece of CSS fundraising AD on her shelf. Out of curiosity, I asked her: "Young Ja, what is that photo for?"

"It is my baby. Everyone said she cried so much but not me. She always gave me a big smile. Now she is with her loving and forever family and I am happy for her. But I feel a little bit sad for me. So when I saw this AD, I asked Emily whether she could let me keep this." Young Ja said.

Young Ja is from Korea. She has taken cared of so many babies. Although her main job duty is to make formula for the babies, she still covers the care shift to let other staff to have their lunch and supper. She always smiles and always talks to babies softly with her Korean accent. She loves to see "babies" come back to visit Mu-En.

CSS is really blessed with so many dedicated staff. When you happen to visit the Mu-En nursery or to visit the office, you will know how much babies are loved here.

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