The Fighter
The Fighter

Hui-hui’s adoptive mother sent a letter with lots of photos back to CSS. As we went through every photo and every word, we cannot control our tears. All the memories and worries were brought back at that moment. It seemed like to have a big stone on the chest.
Hui-hui came from a disadvantage family. Her birth mother was not able to take care of a baby so she was accompanied by her family to CSS for help. Hui-Hue has been a child who loves to laugh, is determinate and does not give up easily. After being with her adoptive family, she is also so much loved by everyone and becomes everybody’s sweet heart. Everything seems so perfect and wonderful. Then the adoptive parents sent a heart-breaking news – Hui-Hui was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia(AML).
We felt helpless and showed Dr. Miser the photo. We were hoping Dr. Miser told us Hui-hui would be alright. But he said: By looking at the blue medication, I knew how serious it was. I was one of the first new ones starting using that blue medication to treat leukemia. So I know she either needs full-blood siblings to do bone marrow transplantation or needs to get through six-months of treatment. 
We felt so down. When we place a loving forever home for a child, we do hope that child would live happily ever after.
Our hearts went ups and downs each time receiving messages from the adoptive parents. Hui-Hui experienced 4 major treatments and lots of discomfort and pain which usually were not bearable by an adult. Hui-Hui then was so strong and recovered each time. She always used her smile, just like sunshine, to lift up everyone’s worries and comfort her adoptive family, friends and social workers. She put her thumb up to tell everyone: I am okay. 
In fact, Hui-Hui is okay. She recovered even though she still needs follow-ups. We now look at Hui-Hui’s photos and feel so blessed. After all, what we truly want is for a child to be happy and to enjoy the life as well as forever family belongs to them.

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